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You have your own Stripe merchant account. You sell a ticket today, you receive your money in 2 business days. Don’t wait until the end of the event to receive your money.

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Fraud Protection

Virtually eliminate fraud, even with high risk events. Included in our partnership with Stripe is their proprietary Radar fraud protection technology. You can even choose to have complete chargeback protection.


Integrated Marketing

Collecting marketing intelligence is just as important as the revenue you are creating. Our AdHub platform will help you organize your data and help you execute your marketing campaigns with supercharged social media ads and email and text message blasts. We will help you double the return of your marketing dollar.


Physical Tickets

Create and order classic style tickets for your events right on our platform. We have partnerships with printers all over United States so you can get your tickets in as little as 3 hours. Assign tickets to specific promoters, deactivate lost tickets, and create revenue reports. By uploading any image to include on your print, you can transform your tickets into memorabilia.

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